You have rights when you are injured in a dog bite or other animal attack. Under Florida law, dog bite victims can recover compensation for medical bills, treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. Dog owners are strictly liable for any injuries their dog causes, whether or not they are aware of the dog’s propensity for violence.

If you were injured in a dog attack, you could benefit from contacting a Riverview dog bite lawyer at Distasio Law Firm. When you retain one of our experienced personal injury attorneys, they can advise you on the relevant laws for dog attacks in the state. Our dedicated legal professionals could represent you and pursue damages for accident-related losses.

Preventing Dog Attacks

Dog attacks are preventable when dog owners and people take proper safety measures. Several precautions can be taken to prevent or reduce the likelihood of an attack, for example:

  • Avoid stray dogs or unattended ones
  • Do not run from an aggressive dog
  • Maintain a safe distance from unfamiliar dogs
  • Do not touch a dog when it is drinking or eating
  • When a dog is close, avoid petting it or ask permission from its owner

When a dog bites you, it is important to clean the wound and seek medical care as soon as possible. Dog attacks can leave victims with devastating injuries, including cuts, bruises, infections, tissue or nerve damage, and lacerations. The most serious injuries might require surgical repair. Aside from the physical complications a dog bite victim might suffer, emotional trauma often follows an incident like a dog attack. Victims of dog attacks often suffer from anxiety or PTSD. A dog bite lawyer in Riverview could work with injured parties to evaluate their physical and emotional injuries and argue for fair compensation.

Florida’s Dog Bite Laws

Under Florida law, dog owners are liable for any injuries their dog causes from biting a person in a public place or if the person was lawfully in a private place. Trespassers would not be able to recover after a dog attack because they are not lawfully on the property at the time of the attack.

Florida takes a strict liability approach to dog bite cases. This means that the owner can be held liable for a dog bite, even when the dog was not previously violent and the owner did not know of the dog’s aggressive nature. As such, victims do not need to demonstrate that their injuries were due to the dog owner’s negligence. A knowledgeable Riverview dog bite attorney like Scott Distasio could explain state laws in further detail during a free initial consultation.

Retain a Trusted Riverview Dog Bite Attorney Today

When a dog in Florida attacks you or someone you love, it is important to speak to a Riverview dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. Our skilled injury attorneys at Distasio Law Firm have years of experience litigating dog bite claims and have successfully helped dog bite victims recover comprehensive compensation for their injuries.

We understand how devastating injuries from a dog attack can be. And you should not have to bear to financial burden alone. A successful personal injury lawsuit could reimburse you for the cost of medical care, lost income, and other losses related to the incident. If you are considering legal action against the dog’s owner, contact our office today about your potential claim.


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