When you experience an injury because of a faulty appliance, mislabeled medication, defective car, or other product, filing a lawsuit may be in your best interest. A legal claim empowers you to hold the person or business that injured you accountable and prevent the same injury from happening to others. Filing a lawsuit also enables you to seek compensation for damages such as medical expenses and work absences.

At Distasio Law Firm, our team takes pride in fighting for the rights of people injured by faulty products. A Riverview defective products lawyer at our firm could listen to your story and develop a strategy to hold the negligent party accountable. Scott Distasio understands what to expect during these cases and how to prepare a robust legal argument.

State Products Liability Laws

A defective product is an item—such as a medication, appliance, or vehicle—that harms you when you use it based on the instructions provided. For the injury to qualify for a lawsuit, your injuries must exceed the scope of harm you might reasonably anticipate when using the product. For example, if you put your fingers on the inside of a toaster, you expect that it could burn you, but you would not expect it to catch fire just by plugging it in.

A product can also be defective because of missing or incomplete labels or instructions. For example, if a medication leaflet does not discuss serious side effects, the prescription may be flawed. Likewise, car seats, medical devices, or appliances that lack proper warning labels may be defective.

Florida law enables you to file a lawsuit against the person or company responsible for your injury. A well-versed defective products attorney in Riverview could help conduct vital research, communicate with third parties to gather information, and file paperwork on your behalf. Scott Distasio could also prepare and present the defective product case in court, giving you space to heal from injuries.

Who Can You Sue for a Faulty Product?

Businesses and individuals may both be liable in a product liability case. From the product’s inception to when it reached consumer’s hands, anyone who interacted with it may be to blame. This includes anyone who played a role in making, distributing, testing, or providing consumers with the product.

For example, if the item is a prescription medication, those at fault might include the doctor who prescribed the drug, the pharmacist who gave it to you, and the company that manufactured it. Those responsible for an injury from a medical device could include doctors, nurses, manufacturers, distributors, safety technicians, and researchers.

Understanding who to sue and when can be confusing—and if you sue the wrong person, you may miss out on the chance to do so later. An accomplished product liability lawyer serving Riverview could ensure all negligent parties are held legally accountable.

Enlist the Help of a Riverview Defective Products Attorney

You have every right to use a product without fear of injuries. When a faulty product hurts you, a attorney who practices defective products law could help you determine responsible people and companies. At Distasio Law Firm, we could also file appropriate paperwork on time so you can tell your story and stop bad actors from harming more people.

Scott Distasio fights for those injured by faulty medications, appliances, children’s toys, furniture, medical devices, and more. We have the hands-on training to navigate even the most complex cases skillfully. Contact a Riverview defective products lawyer today to talk about your case.


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