There are many elderly drivers on the roads throughout St. Petersburg. Many older individuals move to Florida for some or all of the year. While living in or visiting St. Petersburg, these drivers may be involved in major traffic accidents.

If you were struck by an elderly driver, you may be able to recover compensation with the help of a skilled auto collision attorney. A St. Petersburg elderly driver lawyer from Distasio Law Firm may be able to pursue compensation on your behalf in settlement negotiations or a personal injury lawsuit.

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Causes of Elderly Driver Accidents in St. Petersburg

As drivers age, they may be at higher risk of causing car accidents. In some cases, this increase in accidents may be tied to physiological changes associated with the aging process. As reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, elderly drivers may experience declines in their:

  • Physical abilities
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Visual abilities

Older drivers may have difficulties using their full range of motion. This may make it more difficult for them to turn, change lanes, or merge with traffic while they operate a motor vehicle. Older drivers may also fail to monitor the position of other drivers before they change lanes or turn, which may increase the odds that they will be involved in a crash.

Additionally, many older drivers in St. Petersburg use various medications. Some of these medications may impact their ability to safely operate a vehicle. Although some prescription drugs have warnings not to operate a vehicle after taking a dose, these instructions may be ignored.

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Steps to Take After an Accident Involving an Elderly Driver

You may be unsure exactly what steps you should take after a collision with an elderly driver in St. Petersburg. The following steps may support your case for compensation, should you choose to pursue it.

Get Medical Assistance

If you were hurt in a collision with an elderly driver, you may want to get medical treatment as quickly as possible. A doctor can diagnose your injuries and begin treatments. In addition, getting prompt medical care may create a link in your medical record between the accident and your injuries that could be used as evidence in your case.

Retain Any Evidence You Have From the Accident

If you collected any evidence from the accident, you may want to preserve and protect it for use in your case. This can include a police report from an officer that visited the scene of your collision. You may also have photos or videos of the accident, damage to your car, or of your injuries. Keep these, along with any documentation or receipts from medical care providers.

Be Cautious Communicating With Insurance Companies

If the responsible party’s insurance company reaches out to you after the accident, be cautious. They may be able to use statements you give them to reduce or deny your claim. If you hire a lawyer to represent you, they may be able to handle these communications on your behalf.

How a Lawyer From Our Firm May Be Able to Help You

A capable elderly driver lawyer in St. Petersburg from Distasio Law Firm may be able to handle your case while you concentrate on your recovery. These services may include:

  • Answering your questions and providing legal advice
  • Handling all communication on your behalf
  • Identifying the liable party
  • Gathering evidence of their liability and your injuries
  • Negotiating for a settlement offer with the responsible party’s insurance company
  • Taking your case to trial if they are not willing to make you a fair offer

To learn more about these services, call Distasio Law Firm for a free consultation on your case.

Possible Compensation for an Accident With an Elderly Driver

You may be able to get compensation for your losses if you are able to prove that the elderly driver caused the accident.

After establishing fault for the collision, you may be able to recover compensation for your:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages during your recovery
  • Lost earning potential if you cannot fully recover
  • Vehicle repair costs
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish
  • And more

In the tragic event that your loved one passed away due to another driver’s negligence, you may be able to recover a different set of damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. To learn more about the possible compensation and options for representation in a wrongful death case, call a skilled elderly driver attorney at Distasio Law Firm.

Get a Free Consultation with a St. Petersburg Elderly Driver Attorney

You do not have to work to get compensation on your own if an elderly driver injured you. A St. Petersburg elderly driver lawyer from Distasio Law Firm may be able to manage your case and pursue compensation on your behalf while you concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

Do not delay if you are considering legal action for your accident. Per Florida Statute § 95.11, you may have a two-year statute of limitations on your personal injury case. If you allow this time limit to expire before taking legal action, it could prevent you from recovering compensation via a lawsuit.

Distasio Law Firm offers free consultations to car accident victims in St. Petersburg. Call us today to discuss your legal options and what deadlines pertain to your case.

Our firm handles personal injury cases on a contingency-fee basis with no up-front payments required. In this type of arrangement, we do not collect lawyer fees unless and until you recover compensation in a settlement offer or court awards.


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