If you are a victim of sexual assault or rape by an Uber or Lyft driver, you are not alone. As these ride-sharing companies become more and more popular, the reports of their drivers committing sex crimes continue to increase. If this has happened to you, a friend, or a loved one, we are here to help.

While sexual assault and rape are crimes and may support criminal charges, they also support personal injury claims. A Florida Uber and Lyft rideshare sexual assault lawyer from Distasio Law Firm may be able to hold the driver and rideshare company accountable. We provide complimentary, confidential case evaluations.

Our Firm Can Handle Sexual Assault and Rape Cases Involving Uber And Lyft All Over Florida

For some, Uber and Lyft have become the preferred way to travel throughout Florida. However, whether you are in Tampa or another city in Florida does not matter. You do not have to choose your personal injury attorney based on geographic location. Instead, you want a lawyer who knows personal injury law and how to hold ride-sharing companies accountable for the harm their drivers cause. Our law firm represents clients all over Florida, and we can help you, too.

We pursue justice for our clients in Florida after a sexual assault by holding the individual driver and ride-sharing company liable and demanding compensation for:

  • Any necessary medical care for physical injuries
  • Psychological counseling and therapy as prescribed
  • Lost wages if they missed work
  • Any other related expenses
  • Physical or emotional pain and suffering

Victims need to know that a criminal conviction is not necessary to win a civil case via an insurance settlement or civil trial.

How the Distasio Difference Can Work for You

When you work with Distasio Law Firm, you get more than 30 years of experience fighting for your best interests. We pursue justice in every case we handle, fighting to hold the defendants accountable and recover compensation for our clients.

Our firm is proud of our commitment to putting our clients first. Instead of a lawyer who may or may not have the experience and knowledge you need to handle your claim or represent you in court, The Distasio Difference ensures every client:

  • Communicates directly with their attorney about their case
  • Has someone available when they need to ask questions or have concerns
  • Feels confident that we have the resources, ability, and willingness to go to trial
  • Has an attorney who has an “AV” rating from Martindale-Hubbell for ability and ethics

You will also experience The Distasio Personal Touch. The “personal touch” includes a two-pronged approach to every case:

  • We will thoroughly investigate and learn as much as possible about your case.
  • We will go the extra mile to help you, including providing support and help.

These are the reasons our previous clients endorse our attorneys to their friends and in testimonials online and via social media. Distasio Law Firm is a contingency fee personal injury firm. We represent every client based on contingency fees and do not ask for a retainer or other upfront payments. We bill our clients only after a settlement or trial award. If we do not recover compensation for a client, we do not receive attorney’s fees.

Are Uber and Lyft Responsible for the Sex Crimes Their Drivers Commit?

Ride-sharing companies’ business models generally allow them to claim they are not responsible for the harm their drivers cause. Their stance is that they are doing nothing more than providing a platform so that drivers and passengers can connect. The drivers are independent contractors utilizing their platform, not company employees.

On the other hand, there have been enough arrests of Uber and Lyft drivers accused of sex crimes to put the companies on notice of the problem. Because they are profiting from the driving transaction, some courts have ruled that Uber and Lyft should take safety measures to protect passengers from known dangers. This includes the known risk that drivers may engage in unwanted sexual advances, commit sexual assaults, or even rape riders.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that Uber and Lyft are doing enough to prevent these attacks. If this happens to you, our law firm will pursue justice for you and seek to hold them accountable.

How Frequently Are Uber and Lyft Drivers Accused of Sexual Assault or Rape in Florida?

Currently, no statistics accurately track how often Florida Uber and Lyft rideshare drivers are accused of or involved in a sex crime. There also are no indications that the rideshare companies themselves track these numbers, although it is certainly not something they would release to bolster their business even if it was.

The bottom line is that even once is one too many. Unfortunately, however, this situation seems far more common than anyone would like to believe. We know the news is reporting Uber and Lyft driver arrests in Florida regularly. Here are a few headlines from cities and counties throughout the state:

Speak with a Compassionate and Understanding Uber and Lyft Rideshare Sexual Assault Attorney in Florida

You can discuss what happened to you, the losses you experienced as a result, and your legal options for taking action with our team today for free. Distasio Law Firm provides free case assessments for victims of Florida Uber or Lyft incidents, including sexual assault or rape. These consultations are free, confidential, and there is no obligation to hire us.

During the consultation, we will explain how an experienced Florida Uber and Lyft rideshare sexual assault lawyer will protect your rights and represent you in your case. We will also answer any questions you have. Call now to talk to a team member today.


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