If a drunk driver caused your auto collision and subsequent injuries, a Riverview drunk driving accident lawyer may hold them accountable on your behalf, if you qualify. Our team at Distasio Law Firm provides complimentary case evaluations for traffic accident victims. We can take legal action for those who meet the necessary qualifications under Florida law.

At Distasio Law Firm, our team of dedicated auto wreck attorneys does not believe you should have to pay for your medical care, car repairs, or other damages when that driver was reckless enough to drive while intoxicated. Call us today for an evaluation of your accident and to learn if we can help you seek compensation for your losses.

Drunk Driving Supports Both Criminal and Civil Action Against the Negligent Driver

When you think of a drunk driving case, you probably think of the criminal case against the driver. This is the case brought by the government in criminal court. It could result in jail time, fines, a license suspension, and other penalties. The following laws apply to this type of case:

It is important that drivers who choose to drive drunk face consequences, and the criminal case against them is often the best way to do that. Yet, this is not the case we are most concerned with when it comes to seeking justice on your behalf.

Drunk drivers may also face civil cases in which we can hold them accountable for the injuries and losses they caused the accident victims. It is through a civil action that we can seek and possibly secure a financial award or settlement based on the damages you suffered.

Our team of knowledgeable intoxicated driver attorneys in Riverview will review your case to determine your legal standing and explain if you can take civil action. If so, we will discuss a contract and offer to represent you. When we work with a client on this type of accident case, our firm commits the necessary financial resources, legal knowledge, and time to develop a claim and pursue recovery. We do this based on contingent fees.

If we represent you in your Hillsborough County drunk driving accident, you will never pay us anything directly. We take our fees from your settlement or payout, only if we secure this compensation for you.

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Seeking a Fair Payout Based on the Details of Your Case

There is never an excuse for drinking and driving. When the motorist who hit you got behind the wheel after drinking, they knew it was dangerous and could put themselves and others in harm’s way. We understand that you may feel frustrated about what happened and unsure about the next steps to take to hold the driver responsible. We are here to help.

The Riverview drunk driving lawyers from Distasio Law Firm aim to put your best interests first. If you select our firm, we will gather evidence to prove your case and file a claim or civil suit to hold the at-fault motorist responsible. We may use the guilty verdict or plea from their criminal case to bolster our settlement demand. We can also build a strong case if there is not yet a conviction or if they will not face criminal penalties for their actions.

The team from Distasio Law Firm can explain more about how we develop cases and secure payouts for our clients during your complimentary consultation. Call now.

Recovering Damages in a Riverview Drunk Driving Accident Case

A Riverview drunk driving accident attorney from Distasio Law Firm will seek compensation based on the expenses you incurred as a result of your accident and injuries. This compensation should be a fair payout for a variety of economic and intangible losses, including future related expenses. This could include the following:

  • Ambulance transportation and your initial medical evaluation
  • Current and future treatment and care of your injuries
  • Lost income, lost benefits, and diminished earning capacity
  • Repair or replacement of your car and any other property damages
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Loss of services
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

If your family member passed as a result of a Riverview drunk driving collision, you or a representative of their estate could qualify to take action, as well. We offer our condolences and may be able to pursue damages on your behalf in a wrongful death civil suit, per Florida Statutes §768.21. Our team can explain more about that process when you contact us today.

Time Limits for Filing a Drunk Driving Accident Civil Suit in Florida

The statute of limitations for filing a drunk driving accident lawsuit in Florida appears in Florida Statutes §95.11. The deadline in your case depends on if we are pursuing damages in a personal injury case or a wrongful death case.

If you were the victim of the accident and we are seeking damages for your losses, we have up to two years to file a lawsuit. If we are seeking wrongful death damages, the statute cuts this time in half. We only have two years to act in a wrongful death case.

Speak with a Riverview Drunk Driving Accident Attorney Today

A Riverview drunk driving accident lawyer from Distasio Law Firm can represent you in your personal injury case if we believe we can help you hold the at-fault driver accountable.

You can discuss your accident, injuries, and other details about your case with the team from Distasio Law Firm today at no cost to you. We will answer your questions and address your legal options while determining if we can help. Call now.


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