If you suffered serious injuries in a Bradenton passenger vehicle accident, you might be able to hold the at-fault driver responsible and seek financial recovery. This will either involve navigating the insurance claims process or taking your case in front of a civil court judge in Manatee County, Florida. If you qualify, an experienced Bradenton passenger vehicle accident lawyer from Distasio Law Firm can provide the support and legal representation you need.

A knowledgeable auto collision attorney at the Distasio Law Firm can spend time discussing your accident and options for pursuing justice today. If there is enough evidence to prove the other driver acted negligently and caused the collision, we may be able to represent you based on a contingent fee. Call today to schedule a complimentary review of your case.

Understand How Florida Law Affects Car Crash Financial Recovery

Under Florida Statute § 627.737, passenger vehicle occupants who suffer injuries in an accident can hold the driver who caused the collision legally responsible. Filing a lawsuit can help victims recover compensation for their medical expenses and other financial losses.

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Car accident injuries can cost you thousands of dollars for treatment and care, on top of lost income if you cannot work during your recovery. It is not unusual for passenger vehicle accidents to cause severe injuries, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Loss of a limb or loss of use of a limb.
  • Loss of a bodily function.
  • Significant scarring or disfigurement.

Per Florida Statute § 768.21, when a person passes away because of their car accident injuries, surviving family members may file a wrongful death case. If you lost a loved one in a car accident, you have our deepest condolences. Our team can walk you through this process from start to finish to help you hold the at-fault driver responsible.

A well-practiced Bradenton passenger vehicle accident attorney at our firm will evaluate your case for free. If we agree that you have a case against the other driver, you can count on us to commit the time and financial resources to build a strong case and file your claim. You will not pay us out of pocket—we only collect our fees if we win.

Let Our Team Manage Your Bradenton Auto Collision Claim

A passenger vehicle collision lawyer in Bradenton may represent you if we believe you have a valid case against the other driver. We can help you file an insurance claim or prepare your case for court. Our commitment to putting our clients first can ensure you get the service and support you need to focus on healing from your injuries.

You will not have to worry about talking to the insurance companies, gathering evidence, or taking other steps to hold the liable party accountable for your damages. We will take on every step of your case and keep you up to date about what to expect.

Recovering Damages for Your Accident-Related Costs

As a part of preparing your case, Distasio Law Firm will document the range of damages you sustained as a result of the accident. We understand how much it can cost to treat serious injuries.

This includes not only the financial expenses, but the loss of income, loss of benefits, and the emotional losses you experience. You deserve to receive compensation for your physical and emotional pain and suffering, even though these intangible damages are more difficult to value.

We know how to calculate a fair settlement range based on your damages, giving us a target to aim for during negotiations with the insurance company. The evidence we collect can support our demand for a fair settlement agreement or help us fight for damages in court. Recoverable damages could include:

  • Current and future treatment and care costs related to your injuries.
  • Current and future lost income and benefits.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Mental anguish and other intangible losses.

A Statute of Limitations Applies When Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit following a Bradenton passenger vehicle accident is two years for injury cases and 2 years for death cases, based on Florida Statute § 95.11. Most car accident lawsuits are based on the negligence of an at-fault driver. A proactive passenger vehicle crash attorney in Bradenton will gather evidence and seek to prove that the other driver is legally liable for your accident damages because of their negligence.

We only have a limited time to prepare your case. We need to investigate and calculate your damages, attempt to reach an insurance settlement, and still have time left to file a lawsuit, if necessary.

Each of these steps takes time, and we understand that you need to receive compensation as soon as possible to cover your losses. We may be able to go to work on your case as soon as you call us, so do not hesitate to reach out today.

Talk to Bradenton Passenger Vehicle Accident Attorney Today

A skilled Bradenton passenger vehicle accident lawyer from Distasio Law Firm may be able to represent your best interests and fight to hold the at-fault motorist accountable. Our team offers free consultations. During this initial review, we can answer your questions about the process and review the specifics of your case.

Call Distasio Law Firm today to learn if we can help you hold the negligent driver accountable in your motor vehicle accident.


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