As you might expect throughout the state of Florida, recreational boating is a very popular activity in the Gibsonton area. You can regularly find people escaping the heat on one of the many nearby waterways. Getting out on the water is usually a fun way to spend the day with family or friends. Unfortunately, accidents occasionally occur on the water just as they do on land. Boating accidents can result in a great deal of devastation.

When a waterway accident injures you or your loved one, a Gibsonton boat accident lawyer at Distasio Law Firm might be able to help you pursue justice and get you back on your feet. Call today to schedule a free case review with one of our experienced injury attorneys.

Common Causes of Boating Accidents

Many waterway accidents occur for the same reasons as car crashes.

Negligence of the Boat Operator

As with motor vehicle accidents, many boats get into accidents because of the negligence of their operators. Carelessness while out on the water is a commonplace activity. Boat operators do not always take their driving responsibilities on the water as seriously as they do on land. For instance, many boat operators maneuver the steering wheel with one hand while holding a beer can in the other. Boating under the influence is just as dangerous on the water as on land. When people get behind the wheel of their automobile, they usually have a destination in mind. They drive to get somewhere. However, when many people get on their boat, the boat itself is their destination. As a result, operators are frequently distracted by what is happening on the boat, such as their passengers. They might fail to pay attention to their surroundings. Inexperience behind the wheel also leads to accidents. Many boat operators do not know how to react in emergency situations or even how to properly handle their vessels.

Device Failure

Boat owners should regularly inspect and maintain their vessels to prevent problems from wear and tear. Malfunctioning boat parts could cause an operator to lose control or a vessel to light on fire. A proactive Gibsonton boat accident attorney could determine whether the parts failed due to wear and tear or an inherent defect.

Inclement Weather

Bad weather can lead to boating accidents. Sometimes, sudden storms appear seemingly out of nowhere. Other times, weather forecasts correctly predict impending storms. A diligent lawyer like Scott Distasio could review the weather reports to see if a reasonable person would have taken their boat out in the weather or if the boat’s operator acted negligently by going out onto the water in a storm.

Our team of experienced legal professionals could determine the precise cause of your accident and identify if another person or entity is legally responsible for your losses.

Different Types of Accidents that Occur on Waterways

People suffer injuries in many different kinds of boating accidents, including:

  • A fire on a boat
  • A boat capsizing
  • Falling off a boat
  • Two vessels colliding
  • A boat running aground
  • A boat striking a fixed object
  • A boat striking a person in the water

Our highly skilled boat crash lawyers have successfully helped survivors of a wide range of waterway accidents in Gibsonton.

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Accidents on the water can wreak havoc on your life. If you believe that someone else’s recklessness or carelessness led to your injury, you deserve help. You should not be left to face the financial consequences of another person’s mistakes.

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