Traveling by bus can be much more efficient and—at least in statistical terms—safer than traveling in a personal vehicle in Florida. However, the fact that bus accidents are relatively rare in the Sunshine State certainly does not mean they never happen or that they cannot cause serious injuries to multiple people at once when negligence by a bus driver, company, or municipal government leads to one.

No matter how an incident like this happens or who is to blame for it, anyone hurt as a result should make contacting a Gibsonton bus accident lawyer at Distasio Law Firm one of their top priorities. Filing a civil suit over common carrier collisions often works very differently from suing over other automobile crashes, and working closely with a personal injury attorney who has experience handling cases like yours in the past could be crucial to getting the compensation you need.

Possible Grounds for a Bus Injury Lawsuit

Bus companies and operators in Florida are classified as common carriers under state law, meaning they have an even stricter “duty of care” on public roads than most other drivers do. In addition to following traffic laws, focusing solely on driving while in motion, and generally acting like a rational person behind the wheel, bus drivers are also expected to operate their vehicles in a way that minimizes the risk of passengers getting hurt.

For example, if a bus driver leaves a stop too quickly and causes a passenger who just boarded to fall and get hurt before they find a seat, that bus driver might be considered legally negligent even if they did not violate any specific traffic law or get involved in a wreck with any other vehicle. Likewise, bus operating entities have to ensure passengers can board safely, provide instructions on how to sit and stand while on board, and ensure that their drivers are trained properly to operate their vehicles safely and that they are not overworked to the point that they are dangerously fatigued. A skilled Gibsonton bus accident attorney could help pursue civil litigation over any violation of these basic expectations that directly resulted in you getting injured.

Unique Deadlines for Certain Bus Crash Claims

If your bus accident involved a private bus company like Greyhound or Megabus, the standard “statute of limitations” for personal injury claims in Florida—codified under Florida Statutes § 95.11—would apply to you, meaning you would generally have four years maximum after suffering harm to begin the civil litigation process. However, if your case is against a public transit agency operated by the local government, you may have just three years to file suit.

In addition, you typically must wait at least 180 days after the incident before filing suit, so the government entity you intend to file a claim against can investigate the accident themselves. This is just one of the numerous unique restrictions on personal injury claims over public bus crashes in Gibsonton, all of which a lawyer such as Scott Distasio could explain in more detail during an initial consultation.

Consider Working with a Gibsonton Bus Accident Attorney

Getting hurt while riding on a public or private bus can do a lot more than just disrupt your plans for the day. After an incident like this, you may find yourself dealing with long-lasting and potentially life-changing physical, financial, and personal losses—and without help from dedicated legal counsel, you may have no choice but to cover those losses all by yourself.

Guidance from a Gibsonton bus accident lawyer willing to fight for you both in and out of court can make a huge difference in how your case proceeds and whether it ultimately ends favorably for you. Call Distasio Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation.


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