When you suffer a serious burn, your whole life can change. In addition to experiencing physical pain, you might also find it traumatic to look at your own body in the mirror. Your burn might even prevent you from leaving the house to earn a living.

If you believe someone else did something that caused you to suffer a burn, you should meet with our trusted catastrophic injury attorneys. You should not have to shoulder the financial burdens brought on by a burn if another person did something to cause your injury. While you work on recovering from your injuries, a dedicated Riverview burn injury lawyer at Distasio Law Firm could help you pursue justice.

Frequent Causes of Burns

When thinking about how burns occur, most people picture flames from a fire in a burning building. While building fires are the source of many burn injuries, burns also occur from other causes, such as:

  • Steam
  • Gas fires
  • Automobile accidents
  • Chemical explosions or spilled chemicals
  • Skin friction, such as road rash from a fall off a bike
  • Radiation, such as from the sun or medical treatments
  • Electrocution from direct contact with an electrical fire or current
  • Scalding liquid, such as a spilled cup of coffee or boiling water

No matter how your burn occurred, a diligent Riverview burn injury attorney at our firm could help. They could investigate your accident to determine the exact cause and identify who bears legal liability. They could gather and secure the relevant evidence to build a solid case for compensation. Our dedicated legal team would be willing to take your case to trial, if necessary, because they have the experience and required skillset.

After-Effects of a Burn

Many people consider burn injuries the most painful to endure, and the pain of a burn can linger for months or even years. Burn survivors often need to undergo complicated and painful surgeries and medical procedures—such as skin grafts—to minimize their scarring and help them maintain functioning in the affected areas of their body. Physical and occupational therapy is often necessary throughout the rest of their lives. Burn survivors must also watch for complications in the days and weeks after a burn because their skin can no longer protect them from infections. Even with the best possible medical treatment and rehabilitation program, some people cannot fully recover physically. Some burn survivors bear permanent disfiguring scars, while others face mobility challenges and organ failure.

In addition to bringing unrelenting physical pain, many burn survivors face emotional struggles. Coping with what has happened to their bodies can take time, and they may need ongoing professional help to process the trauma.

Some burn survivors are unable to return to work and might need to rely on their family and friends to help them with their daily tasks. Without a steady paycheck, their family might struggle financially, which is where a skilled Riverview burn injury lawyer like Scott Distasio could help. With quality legal assistance, a burn survivor could have the means to pay for their medical and other expenses.

Talk to a Riverview Burn Injury Attorney at Our Firm

Recovering from a burn is not easy. You will likely face an uphill battle. While you work on your rehabilitation, you should not have to worry about how you will pay your bills or support your family.

When you suspect someone else caused your burn, talk to a Riverview burn injury lawyer at Distasio Law Firm. You might be able to get comprehensive compensation for your losses. See what one of our qualified attorneys can do to help; call now.


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