Brain injuries are different from most other types of injuries. When you break your leg, you can generally look down and visually observe the swelling, bruising, and maybe even the misplaced bone. Similarly, when you cut your finger, you can see the laceration. With both of these types of injuries, you can usually visit a doctor, receive treatment, and wait a prescribed amount of time before healing.

Unfortunately, brain injuries are different. When you have a brain injury, you might not look any different, but no doctor can predict with certainty when or if you will fully heal.

Working with a Riverview traumatic brain injury lawyer could help answer some of your questions and address the uncertainty in your life. Call Distasio Law Firm today to speak with one of our knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorneys about your situation.

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

Whenever a person’s head suffers a hard blow or jolt, they could develop brain damage. Brain injuries happen when the damage to the brain disrupts a person’s cognitive functioning.

Mild Brain Injuries

Sometimes, the disruption in cognitive functioning is temporary and minor, such as when a patient suffers a minor concussion that prevents them from focusing. People with mild brain injuries often experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue, or confusion. With rest and time, people generally heal fully from mild brain injuries.

Moderate Brain Injuries

People with moderate injuries experience more severe symptoms. They might be extremely sensitive to light and sound. Memory loss can be common. Patients are unconscious for longer periods. They are often lethargic and fatigued but can still be aroused with stimulation.

Severe Brain Injuries

People with severe brain injuries often are in lengthy comas and cannot be easily aroused. If they awaken, they might have severe memory loss, agitation, and difficulty concentrating or speaking.

A Riverview TBI attorney like Scott Distasio has successfully helped people suffering from all types of brain injuries get access to compensation to pay for the treatments and care they need.

What Could Cause Brain Damage?

While brain injuries leading to personal injury lawsuits can occur in many different ways, they most commonly occur in the following manners:

  • Slip and falls from tripping hazards, such as uncleared debris, wet floors, or torn carpeting, on someone else’s property
  • Sports injuries, such as concussions from contact sports, such as football and soccer
  • Recreational injuries, such as head injuries from falls from a bicycle or off a diving board into a swimming pool
  • Automobile crashes – the impact of a car crash or even a sudden stop can cause a person’s head to jostle back and forth, sometimes resulting in brain trauma
  • Work accidents, such as at construction sites when workers fall or have objects fall on their heads
  • Criminal acts of violence, such as shaken baby syndrome, shootings, or stabbings

Regardless of how your head injury occurred, you deserve help. Our experienced Riverview traumatic brain damage lawyers could investigate what led to your injury. They could comb through the evidence by skillfully reviewing police reports, medical records, and eyewitness testimony to learn who could be legally responsible for your losses.

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Healing from a brain injury takes time and patience. You might need to relearn how to go about your daily life. Some of your memories might never fully return. If somebody else’s actions led to your condition, they should be responsible for assuming the cost of your losses.

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