If you or a loved one was hurt in a distracted driving accident, you may be able to hold the at-fault party accountable and collect financial compensation for your damages. You could be compensated for vehicle repair or replacement costs, your past and future medical bills, and more.

A Sarasota distracted driving lawyer from Distasio Law Firm can help you bring a claim or lawsuit against the liable party. Distasio Law Firm has been in practice for more than 31 years. Our team of experienced car accident attorneys have secured six- and even seven-figure settlements for victims of negligence.

Distasio Law Firm takes cases on a contingency-fee-basis. There are no upfront legal fees. Call our office today for a free, confidential case evaluation.

We Can Help You Pursue Financial Compensation from the Distracted Driver

Distracted driving occurs when a driver is preoccupied with other activities behind the wheel. Distasio Law Firm can help you hold a distracted driver accountable for the harm their negligent driving caused you or your loved one.

A personal injury claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver may hold them answerable for your accident. It may also enable you to recover financial compensation for your damages. Individuals hurt in distracted driving accidents can suffer profound financial and non-financial losses because of their injuries.

Distasio Law Firm can help you seek compensation for these losses.

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Recoverable Damages in a Distracted Driving Injury Case

The amount of compensation an injured person may be entitled to in a Sarasota distracted driving injury case varies from case to case. Damages in a car accident injury case often include economic and non-economic losses the injured person suffered.

You could be compensated for monetary losses such as:

  • Medical expenses related to your injuries, including ambulance transportation, emergency room treatment, hospital care, X-rays, CT scans, surgery, physician appointments, medication, and more
  • Future medical costs you will encounter because of your injuries, including physical or occupational therapy costs
  • The value of your lost income from past and future missed work
  • Impairment to your earning capacity caused by your injuries
  • The cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle and damage to personal property inside the vehicle at the time of the accident

You also could be compensated for the non-economic losses you suffered, including your:

  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Diminished enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional suffering

Damages in a Sarasota Distracted Driving Wrongful Death Case

Unfortunately, distracted driving can cause fatal car crashes. If you have lost a loved one in a fatal distracted driving accident in Sarasota, we offer our sincere condolences. We know that a wrongful death action cannot bring back your loved one, but it may provide benefits to you and your family.

A wrongful death lawsuit could enable you to hold the negligent driver responsible for the devastation their carelessness caused your family. You may also be able to recover financial compensation for the damages caused by the fatal accident.

Per Florida Statutes §768.21, damages in a wrongful death claim in Florida may include:

  • The value of the lost income and benefits that the decedent would have received if they were still alive
  • The value of lost future accumulations to the decedent’s estate
  • The value of lost services and support the decedent would have provided to family members
  • Medical bills resulting from the decedent’s final injury
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • The loss of the decedent’s protection, guidance, and companionship
  • Emotional anguish suffered by the parents of a deceased child

How a Sarasota Distracted Driving Lawyer Can Help Your Accident Claim

At Distasio Law Firm, we believe negligent drivers should be held responsible when their reckless conduct harms or fatally injures someone. Our Sarasota attorneys are committed to helping victims of distracted driving seek compensation for their damages. Our team can manage your case from beginning to end.

A determined distracted driving lawyer from our Sarasota law firm can:

  • Interpret complicated “legalese” and clearly explain your legal rights
  • Answer your questions
  • Gather evidence needed to develop a case against the liable party, including police reports, camera footage, forensic evidence, medical reports, and more
  • Obtain statements from accident witnesses
  • Consult with medical specialists, accident reconstructionists, financial experts, and other professionals
  • Calculate the damages that you suffered due to the accident
  • Advocate on your behalf during negotiations with insurance companies
  • Manage communications with the defendant and their legal team
  • Ensure your lawsuit is filed by the appropriate deadline
  • Take your case to trial and represent you in court if a settlement is not reached

Call for a Free Consultation with a Sarasota Distracted Driving Attorney

If a distracted driver hurt you or a loved one, you may be able to hold the negligent driver responsible and recover compensation through legal action.

A Sarasota distracted driving lawyer from Distasio Law Firm can manage your claim and advocate on your behalf throughout your case. Call our office today for a free case assessment.


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