Although most people only think of doctors when the idea of a medical malpractice claim comes up, any healthcare professional operating in the State of Florida could be the subject of a malpractice claim, should he or she commit an act of negligence while caring for a patient. This includes pharmacists.

When you have an illness or injury that requires prescription medications, you will need to visit a pharmacy to have your prescription filled. It is a pharmacist’s responsibility to provide you with the correct medication at the right dosage, as your doctor prescribed.

If your pharmacist makes an error by giving you the wrong medication or by printing a dosing error in the instructions, you have the right to seek a settlement for any additional injuries you suffer. Count on a Sarasota pharmacy malpractice lawyer from Distasio Law Firm to help you seek a fair settlement. Call one of our dedicated injury attorneys today for a free review of your case.

Most Common Medication Errors in Pharmacies

Although errors in a pharmacy do not happen often, they are possible. According to the Mayo Clinic, most medication errors are preventable. Sometimes, the patient is able to catch the error, or the mistake does not result in any major consequences.

Other times, a medication error could leave the victim with a significant health problem or worsen a current one, requiring hospitalization. Some of the errors that could occur in a pharmacy include the following:

  • Improper prescription: The pharmacist may fill a prescription with the wrong medication or with a medication intended for a different patient, causing dangerous effects.
  • Improper dosage: The pharmacist may misread the dosage requirements from the doctor, instructing the patient to take double or half the recommended dose, causing additional injuries.
  • Improper label: The pharmacist may mislabel your prescription, leading to a dosing error or causing the wrong person to receive the medication.
  • No warning of side effects: Pharmacists must instruct the patient about any side effects the medication could create.
  • No checking of interactions: Pharmacists should check on the potential poor interactions of this new drug with any current drugs the patient is taking, which could lead to significant health problems.

If pharmacists have any questions about the prescriptions a doctor has written for you, it is important that he or she double-check with the doctor about the instructions. A failure to verify unclear information could also indicate a type of negligence on the part of the pharmacist.

Additional Damages from Pharmacy Errors

Medication errors are more common than you may think. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviews more than 100,000 reports of such errors in the United States every year.

When you find yourself with a greater level of illness or injury after taking a medication, it can be a scary situation. If the pharmacist made a mistake with your prescription, you may have new health problems that leave you unable to work or function as you did before taking the medication.

You could also end up with quite a few medical bills from a new injury or illness specifically related to the medication error. You and your attorney will have to study the facts in the case to show which medical bills are related to the medication error. You also can attempt to receive compensation for pain and suffering you experienced because of the pharmacist’s mistake.

The team at the Distasio Law Firm has seen the negative effects this type of pharmaceutical mistake can have on the lives of victims, and our diligent Sarasota lawyers will fight to help you receive the fairest possible settlement. Contact us for a free case review as soon as possible.

Finding Help with Your Pharmacy Malpractice Case

Should you have new pain, suffering, and medical bills related to the mistake made in filling your prescription, an experienced Sarasota pharmacy malpractice attorney from Distasio Law Firm is ready to help. We take pride in defending the rights of victims of malpractice and negligence. The pharmacist should not have made this error, and you do not deserve to suffer because of this mistake.

According to Florida Statutes §95.11, those who have suffered an injury because of medical malpractice have up to two years to begin the process of filing a claim. Deadlines in cases like this can be difficult to understand, and you do not want a timing mistake to leave you unable to receive the settlement you deserve.

When you hire the Distasio Law Firm to represent you, your committed lawyer will keep your case moving forward, working toward a settlement that reflects the new injuries you have.

A Sarasota Pharmacy Malpractice Attorney Could Help You

If a pharmacist’s mistake caused an increase in your level of injury or illness, you have the right to seek damages. You could use this claim to make sure that the pharmacist who made the error is held responsible for his or her actions, ensuring no one else has to go through the same thing you did.

Count on the team at Distasio Law Firm to work as hard as possible to help you receive the compensation you deserve. We will study the facts in your case to determine how the pharmacist’s error may have happened and provide evidence of the harm it caused you.

With a Sarasota pharmacy malpractice lawyer on your side, you can present your side of the case to the pharmacist’s malpractice insurer. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not need to make any payments upfront to secure our services. Contact us for a free case review as soon as possible.


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