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Were you the victim of negligence? Were you injured because of the carelessness or recklessness of another person? Our team at the Distasio Law Firm wants to ensure that the rights of victims throughout Tampa are protected and that they are able to get the compensation they deserve. Over the years of representing injured victims, we have been able to secure their clients millions of dollars in compensation. We understand the medical bills and lost wages that can result when a person has been injured in a serious accident. If you have found yourself in this situation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our legal team. Check out the information below to learn more.

The Distasio Law Firm Difference

How do you know if you have hired the best Tampa bodily injury lawyer? The simplest way to know is to find a lawyer that has all the below characteristics.

  • Knowledge and Experience Handling Bodily Injury Cases
    Your lawyer should not only know Florida injury law. That lawyer should also have years of experience handling bodily injury cases. Scott Distasio has been handling bodily injury cases for over 27 years. His years of experience investigating, negotiating, settling, filing lawsuits, taking depositions, and going to trial will absolutely make a difference in your case.
  • Independent Verification of the Lawyers Ability
    All attorneys claim they know what they are doing. Their marketing materials may also be persuasive. But you will only know the truth about that lawyer if the lawyer is rated by respected independent non-biased rating systems. Scott Distasio has an “AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell law Directory. This is the highest rating an attorney can receive for both ability and ethics. Scott Distasio is also Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Trial law. To achieve this accomplishment a lawyer must have tried a minimum number of cases to a jury and pass a competency exam. Less than 1% of all Florida lawyers are Board Certified.
  • Willingness and Ability to Go to Trial
    Not all personal injury cases go to trial. The truth is most cases settle. But if your case does need to go to trial it’s important to hire a law firm that has the experience, resources and ability to try your case. Scott Distasio is a board certified civil trial lawyer. This gives him the right to call himself an expert trial lawyer.


One of the most devastating injuries you could be left dealing with is amputation. Losing a limb can affect the rest of your life permanently and so it is important that you get the compensation you need concerning these types of cases. At the Distasio Law Firm, we are committed to doing everything in our power to get you the compensation you deserve. We could get you the necessary compensation to cover medical expenses as well as any further care you will need. Contact our office to learn more.

Catastrophic Injuries

What exactly is a catastrophic injury? This is a category of injuries which either leave the victim with a permanent disability or pose a serious threat to their life. Examples of catastrophic injuries include amputations, head injuries, serious burns, spinal cord injuries, and more. As you could need ongoing medical care after suffering from a catastrophic injury, it is very important that you receive a sufficient settlement or verdict.

Burn Injuries

Were you the victim of a burn injury following an accident? Burns are painful injuries that can lead to further complications if not treated correctly. Burns can not only be caused by open flames, but by chemicals, radiation, electricity, heat, steam, and more. Whether you suffered from a burn because of an accident or due to a workplace incident, it is important that you have adequate funds to cover the medical treatment you need.

Brain Injuries

Known as traumatic brain injuries, this is a condition can lead to permanent disabilities. As the brain is the main control panel of the body, any damage to the brain can result in dizziness, mood swings, memory problems, headaches, issues with muscle movement, and much more. As your life could be altered because of a brain injury, it is important that you have the compensation necessary to ensure that you are able to deal with the consequences of your injury.

How to Get Full Compensation in Your Personal Injury Case

Birth Injuries

The time surrounding the birth of a child is supposed to be one of the most joyous in a family’s life. What happens when a child or their mother is injured during labor or delivery? If the injury could and should have been prevented, it could be a case of medical malpractice. Birth injuries range from brachial plexus injuries to cerebral palsy to kernicterus to brain damage. The doctor should be held responsible for what they have done if your child was the victim of malpractice. Ensuring that you have the proper compensation means that the victim will get the medical treatment they need.

Head Trauma

Have you suffered from some type of head trauma? A head injury could result from blunt force trauma such as from a fall or a car accident. If you think that you were the victim of a head injury, there are certain symptoms which you should be on the lookout for. For example, if you have been suffering from vomiting, seizures, dilated pupils, or confusion, this could be pointing to possible head trauma. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our firm to see if you have a case.

Loss of Eyesight

In the aftermath of an accident, the victim could be left dealing with various types of injuries. One devastating type of injury is the loss of their eyesight. If this has happened to you or to a loved one, the first thing you should do is get in touch with a member of our team. An injury like loss of eyesight could result the victim’s inability to keep their job and could mean expensive therapy and medical care. Please talk to our team about your case to see how we could help you!

Loss of Hearing

Did you suffer from hearing problems because of the negligence of another? Hearing loss could result from an accident, a medical error, a defective product, and more. If the hearing loss was permanent, it is important that you get the compensation you deserve. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, you could get the funds necessary to cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. You should not have to deal the financial consequences of an accident if it was not your fault.

How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?


If you were injured in an accident to such as an extent that you were left permanently paralyzed, you need to contact our team as soon as possible so that we can get you the compensation you deserve. There are several different ways that a person could suffer from this type of injury, including car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and more. If you have more questions about filing a lawsuit because of suffering from paralysis, please do not hesitate to contact our firm today!

Road Rash

Road rash is the term used to describe skin abrasions and soft tissue damage. These injuries are commonly occur during motorcycle accidents and can produce extensive physical harm that require serious medical procedures and care. Our firm works to recover the compensation road rash victims require.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Did you or a loved one suffer from a spinal cord injury? Spinal cord injuries are serious because of the effects they can have on different functions of the body. For example, it could result in issues with mobility, sexual function, breathing, the heart, or muscle coordination. Spinal cord injuries could result from accidents, surgical injuries, and much more. To learn more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our legal team. Call today!

Wrongful Death

One of the most difficult situations that could face an individual is the death of a loved one. When that death is the result of the negligence of another and could have been prevented, this makes the situation even more heartbreaking. If you lost a loved one, our team at the Distasio Law Firm could help ensure that the person responsible is held accountable for what they have done.

What is the Contingency Fee Agreement?

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If you or a loved one suffered from any of the injuries listed above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We can also help you if you lost a loved one because of the negligence of another. A personal injury lawyer could come along side you during this difficult time and take care of all of the legal aspects of your case. We offer a free case evaluation so that you can tell us the details of your case quickly and easily. No matter how complex your case appears to be, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that a strong legal advocate is by your side every step of the way. Contact our office today to learn how we could help!

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