The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) states on their website that 59,933 large trucks got into accidents that led to injuries and 4,862 large trucks got into accidents that led to fatalities.

Fuel truck accidents account for a small percentage of those accidents, but parties involved in these types of accidents can suffer severe and even fatal injuries. If you or a loved one was an unfortunate victim of a fuel truck accident, you might be entitled to file for compensation from the truck driver, the trucking company, and/or any other liable parties involved.

At Distasio Law Firm, our dedicated semi-truck crash attorneys want to help victims fight for the compensation they need to recover from their damages. Call to hire a Tampa fuel truck accident lawyer from our firm and begin your legal pursuit of compensation today.

Fuel Truck Accidents Are Rare but Deadly

Of the accidents cited by the FMCSA, hazardous materials were present in three percent of fatal large truck accidents and two percent of large truck accidents that led to injuries. While it might be rare for fuel trucks to get into accidents, if they do, the likelihood of risk of injury and death is drastically higher than their accident rate.

Of accidents involving hazardous materials, flammable liquids like gasoline and fuel oil accounted for a majority of fatal (54%) and injury (49%) accidents.

Fuel truck accidents can be incredibly dangerous to the people involved. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) records fatalities and injuries related to diesel truck accidents, citing common hazards like:

  • Explosions during fueling
  • Fire-related explosions
  • Gas explosions
  • Exposure to fuel additives
  • Tanks falling, leading to crushing or amputation
  • Tank ruptures

If your accident did not involve one of the hazards listed above, you might still qualify for a personal injury case. Do not hesitate to reach out to a Tampa fuel truck accident attorney from our firm for a free consultation.

Multiple Parties May Be Liable in Your Case

It is common for more than one party to be legally liable in truck accidents, especially if the fuel truck driver was an employee of a trucking company and was working at the time of the accident. Our team of fuel truck crash lawyers in Tampa can investigate your case to determine whether other liable parties might be involved in your case and help you pursue compensation from each party if so.

Other parties besides the truck driver might include:

  • The truck driver’s employer or the trucking company
  • The parties who last fueled the truck
  • The maintenance company that last worked on the truck
  • The truck’s manufacturer company
  • A third party involved in the accident, such as a car driver
  • A municipality that governs local road conditions

A Fuel Truck Accident Lawyer Can Fight for Compensation on Your Behalf

Because fuel truck accidents can be incredibly dangerous and potentially lethal, victims of fuel truck collisions in Tampa might qualify to claim multiple types of damages, depending on how impactful their case is.

For example, you might be able to pursue compensation for:

  • Medical expenses, both past and future
  • Pain and suffering, which can be both physical and emotional
  • Loss of income, both past and future
  • Living with a permanent disability
  • Property damage

If you lost a loved one in a fuel truck wreck in Tampa, you might also pursue compensation for wrongful death damages that apply to you. These damages can range from as straightforward as funeral expenses to more general damages, such as loss of companionship and emotional support.

Your skilled Tampa fuel truck crash lawyer may advise you to pursue other damages based on the circumstances of your case. You can begin this process by calling Distasio Law Firm for a free consultation about your case. Once you call Distasio Law Firm, a team member can help you set up your client profile and include information about the kinds of injuries and damages you suffered because of the fuel truck accident.

Our Law Firm Provides Multiple Services to Our Clients

At Distasio Law Firm, we aim to provide our clients with the legal guidance they need to complete their case. If you decide to work with our team of diligent Tampa laywers, we offer a variety of legal services to help you build your fuel truck accident case, such as:

Reviewing Your Case

Before we get started, we have to know what you have gone through. We offer free case evaluations to anyone who calls our mainline, which serves as an opportunity to set up your client profile, take note of the injuries and damages you experience, and begin strategizing who we might take action against.

Collecting Evidence

Once we understand what your case involves, we will begin collecting evidence to support your claims. Some evidence might be already available while other evidence might require additional assistance from your lawyer.

Communicating on Your Behalf

Let us handle communications with the insurance companies and other legal teams. A case manager can also work on your case and update you about your case when needed.

Filing Paperwork

From standard legal forms to submitting your lawsuit to the courts, we can also take on the tasks of filing all paperwork related to your case.

Negotiating on Your Behalf

As your legal representative, your lawyer can advocate for your case during negotiations with insurance companies. They may be able to negotiate a settlement for you and can advise you on any offers you receive.

Representing You in Court

If your lawyer cannot reach a settlement, they may represent you in court if you decide to file a lawsuit.

Work with a Tampa Fuel Truck Accident Attorney on Your Case

Distasio Law Firm has been serving clients for 31 years, and we would like to extend our legal services to you, too. If you or a loved one was in a fuel truck accident, you might be entitled to receive compensation if you were severely injured or lost a loved one because of that accident. Let us review your case and see what we may be able to do to help you with your case. We believe fuel truck accident victims should get justice for the damages they suffered, and we aim to help you fight for it.

Call now for a free case evaluation with one of our law firm representatives. If you are worried about being able to afford a Tampa fuel truck accident lawyer, they can also go into more detail about our contingency-fee system. We do not charge attorney’s fees unless we win our clients’ cases, so you do not risk adding more financial debt to your damages.


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