Will My Truck Accident Lawyer Deal with the Insurance Companies for Me?

You can count on your truck accident lawyer dealing with the insurance companies on your behalf. If you qualify to take action and sign on for representation, your lawyer will take the necessary steps to hold the trucking company responsible, including protecting your rights and seeking fair compensation on your behalf.

Your lawyer will manage all communication related to a clients’ claims, including with the insurance carrier representing the liable party and the client’s own insurance company. Your lawyer also takes other steps to act on behalf of clients, handling all of their legal needs so they can focus on treatment and healing.

Your Lawyer Will Build a Claim and Seek an Insurance Settlement

While most truck accident victims do not have experience working closely with insurance companies, insurance claims, and insurance adjusters, a truck accident lawyer does so regularly. A lawyer knows what it takes to protect a clients’ rights, prove their claims, and seek compensation while representing their interests to the insurance carrier.

In some instances, a lawyer may need to use the criteria outlined in state statutes or under case law related to respondeat superior to prove to the insurance company that the at-fault trucker’s employer—their policyholderؙ—is vicariously liable for the accident and the client’s resulting injuries.

A lawyer will also collect evidence to support the insurance claim, developing a strong argument to show:

  • The truck driver caused the accident.
  • The trucking company is liable for the accident.
  • The lawyer understands and has proof of the value of the claim.

Once the lawyer has a strong claim, he or she will demand a payout that compensates the client justly. Throughout this process, the lawyer will continue to protect the client’s rights and demand they receive compensation that is in line with their accident-related losses, as documented by the claim built.

Let an Attorney Protect Your Rights by Dealing with the Insurers

Having a truck accident lawyer deal with the insurance companies may be key to getting a fair settlement in your claim because the insurance companies do not care if you receive your compensation. These companies are not in business to compensate accident victims justly. Employees of the insurance carrier are primarily concerned with protecting their company. Where possible, they will reduce your payout in any way, including trying to use your own words against you.

We have seen claims where accident victims said or did the wrong thing and found their recoverable damages significantly reduced or the insurance carrier denied their claim. When we take on a truck accident claim, we handle all communication with the involved insurance companies so that they cannot use these nefarious tactics against our clients.

If you do need to submit a statement, we will work with you to ensure it does not jeopardize your claim in any way. You can count on us to be by your side looking out for your interests from the time you sign on with us until the conclusion of your claim.

We Can Also Represent You in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

In some instances, it may become necessary to take a claim to court. This could occur when:

  • The insurance company denies their policyholder is liable.
  • The insurer claims the victim contributed to the accident and, therefore, only qualifies for a reduced payout.
  • The insurance carrier refuses a fair settlement for another reason.
  • Punitive damages may be awarded based on the facts of the claim.

If any of these occur in your truck accident claim, and we represented you during your insurance claim, we will continue to be there for you. We will represent you in court and offer the support and guidance you may need to avoid feeling too stressed about your claim going to trial.

We can also help you if you are trying to handle the insurance company on your own and run into a problem, which is not uncommon. We may be able to recover a settlement or take your claim to court. State law only gives us a brief time to take this step, so it is important to act quickly.

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