When a single defendant causes harm to multiple individuals, the responsible party is often a negligent corporation. Rather than pursuing separate negligence lawsuits against the company, many individuals choose to collectively hold the perpetrator accountable. This is commonly achieved through a mass tort legal action.

When you are one of many harmed by a careless manufacturer or other corporate actor, consider joining with fellow plaintiffs to seek justice. You can participate in either a class action or a mass tort lawsuit. Reach out to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney like Scott Distasio today. A skilled Largo mass torts lawyer could help you navigate the complex process of holding negligent companies responsible.

How Do Mass Torts Differ From Class Actions?

When a defendant’s wrongful conduct harms several people, legal action against them can take the form of either a mass tort or a class action. Mass torts focus on individual cases and the damages sustained by each plaintiff. Class actions, however, sort plaintiffs into classes and litigate their claims as one entity. Damages awarded in class actions are divided among all plaintiffs, whereas in mass torts, damages are individualized depending on respective cases.

Common Types of Mass Tort Cases

Mass torts encompass both small groups of individuals and large-scale cases involving people across the nation.

Some typical mass torts include:

  • Incidents of commercial transportation crashes
  • Exposure to carcinogens in drinking water, as seen at Camp Lejeune
  • Adverse effects of talcum powder, leading to conditions such as ovarian cancer, fallopian tube cancer, or mesothelioma
  • Harmful pharmaceuticals like Complera, Viread, or Elmiron—which inflicted injuries on many patients due to dangerous side effects

Plaintiffs unite under a mass tort umbrella for a shared cause, whether the harm arises from dangerous drugs or exposure to carcinogens in drinking water. However, not all plaintiffs suffer equally, so the jury considers and bases damages on the unique experiences of individuals. Consult a diligent Largo mass torts attorney at Distasio Law Firm to determine the best course of action for your plight.

The Procedure for Mass Tort Cases

It is important to understand the process of mass tort cases prior to joining an action.

  • Initially, your attorney presents the collective action, outlining how the defendant was negligent
  • Second, your attorney establishes that the defendant had a duty to ensure the well-being of you and others, and that this duty was breached
  • Third, it must be proven that this breach caused specific harm to others
  • Last, your attorney may introduce distinct aspects of individual cases, as the degree of damage experienced by each harmed person can vary

Why You Need an Aggressive Legal Advocate

Not all attorneys are equipped to handle mass torts. Some lawyers prefer negotiation and avoiding courtroom appearances. Our legal team, however, is experienced in trial proceedings, including mass torts. We are motivated by our firm tenet of holding prominent corporate entities accountable when they release products they are aware or should be aware could harm many people. Connect with a well-practiced attorney knowledgeable about collective actions in Largo, and we will get to work on your case.

A Largo Mass Torts Attorney Seeks Justice and Fair Damages Awards

Every negligence case is unique. However, when a recurring defendant is identified, consolidating many cases into a mass tort while addressing the individual arguments for fair compensation is a logical decision. We understand how you feel and what you need after suffering harm because a large manufacturer was negligent. You probably feel intimidated by a manufacturer’s team of lawyers ready to dispute you.

Our talented injury attorney, Scott Distasio is committed to fighting for justice for people like you. We have no hesitation mustering our extensive legal resources to hold a manufacturer accountable for your suffering. The responsible party should pay if a defective product, chemical spill, or mass transportation accident causes harm to many individuals. Call today to consult a Largo mass torts lawyer and discuss joining in collection action.


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