Most employees are fortunate in that they enjoy protection through a worker’s compensation insurance policy. These policies state that any workplace injury resulting from an accident allows workers to receive free medical care and a portion of their income while off the job. However, obtaining these benefits can be difficult. Workers’ compensation insurance companies have many strategies to deny claims. They may even allege that an injury does not fall under the umbrella of workers’ compensation at all.

A Largo workplace accident lawyer at Distasio Law Firm may be able to help when you suffer an injury while at work. They could take the lead to explain your rights, gather evidence concerning the injury, and demand full financial recovery from all liable parties. This includes pursuing workers’ compensation appeals and even personal injury lawsuits against your employer. Schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced Largo injury attorneys today to learn more.

State Law Requires Most Employers to Obtain Worker’s Compensation Insurance

State law is clear in requiring all employers with at least four employees to obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy. These policies provide benefits to workers when they suffer an injury because of the performance of their job duties. Florida Statutes § 440.09(1) defines a compensable injury as an injury arising out of and during employment. It does not matter if an injury was your fault. These policies can still provide compensation for medical care and partial wage reimbursement.

Unfortunately, insurance companies administering these policies will find any excuse they can to deny payment. For example, they may allege that your injury resulted from your horseplay. They could also dispute the seriousness of an injury or challenge whether the incident occurred while on the clock. A determined Largo workplace accident attorney like Scott Distasio is ready to pursue workers’ compensation appeals on your behalf seeking the benefits you deserve.

Workplace Injuries May Expose Employers to Direct Liability

When an employer chooses to operate without a worker’s compensation insurance policy, they are directly responsible for any damage that results from their negligence. In most situations, these injuries result from premises liability cases—such as slips and falls, defective safety mechanisms, or structural defects. In addition, injuries may also result from improper training methods, the negligence of a fellow employee, or even attacks from customers.

Even if your employer had a policy in place, they might still be directly liable for a workplace injury. This applies when an employer is grossly negligent in allowing a hazardous situation to affect your health. This often includes knowing that a dangerous condition is present and doing nothing about it. A proactive workplace accident lawyer in Largo can take the lead in showing that an employer’s gross negligence led to an injury. A resulting lawsuit could demand compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and even reductions in your quality of life.

Call a Largo Workplace Accident Attorney Now

Workplace injuries are common events that may require extensive medical treatment. They may also impact your ability to return to work or to enjoy your life. For many people, these incidents can justify a worker’s compensation claim. However, state law does not require all employers to obtain these policies. As a result, an employer may be directly liable for your losses.

A Largo workplace accident lawyer at Distasio Law Firm could help you obtain the monetary damages you deserve after a workplace injury through a personal injury lawsuit or a workers’ compensation appeal. They could work to gather evidence, measure your losses, and seek out proper payments through settlements or lawsuits. Reach out today to learn more about protecting your rights after a workplace injury.


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