Oversized loads are often necessary to transport precious goods and materials across the country. But the trucks that bear these oversized loads can cause serious damage when accidents occur. Accidents with trucks carrying an oversized load often lead to enormous property damage, severe personal injuries, and even wrongful death.

If you or a loved one were part of an oversized loads truck accident, then you do not have to handle the fallout on your own. A Tampa oversized loads truck accident lawyer from Distasio Law Firm will stand up to lead the fight for justice on your behalf. Our team of dedicated semi-truck collision attorneys will keep you updated on the details of your case as we communicate with other parties and fight for any forms of compensation that you may be owed. Call us today to speak to a member of our legal team.

Steps to Follow After a Trucking Accident

Accidents with large commercial trucks are often rattling on many levels. As is obvious, if you are hurt or injured from an accident, you should make your best effort to call 9-1-1 and request emergency medical services right away. If you are not injured, but you have reason to believe that another party involved in the accident suffered injuries, then calling medical help can make all the difference. Reporting the incident to local law enforcement will also help to ensure that the accident is properly recorded for legal purposes.

Following these steps, you should make sure that you obtain the contact information of any other parties involved in the accident. Gathering a truck driver’s company information, as well as their personal information, will assist legal teams in their investigations, which can often be quite detailed in accidents of this kind.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) shows that there is a complex investigation process behind any large truck accident. As part of this investigative process, a company’s approach to its load sizes will be examined. The participation of the trucker will also come into question in most cases. If a driver tries to carry too much cargo without notifying their employer, then responsibility may fall to them. If, on the other hand, a company carelessly thrusts cargo onto one of their commercial vehicles, then they may bear the legal ramifications that follow a truck accident.

After an accident, contacting legal help will allow truck accident attorneys to start the process of gathering evidence and other pertinent details. The outcomes of accidents with large trucks bearing oversized loads are often catastrophic. A lawyer will seek to see that justice is met on your behalf. A proactive oversized loads truck accident lawyer in the Tampa area from Distasio Law Firm will examine the evidence, establish liability, and pursue any compensation that you may be entitled to. To speak to a member of our office about your situation, call us today.

Common Damages Caused by Oversized Loads Truck Accidents

As the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) outlines, several federal regulations apply to truck weight and size limits in Florida and the rest of the United States. Further information relating to permits for oversized loads exists within Florida’s state regulations. When truck drivers and trucking companies fail to comply with these regulations, the results are usually disastrous. Improper cargo loading can easily disrupt a large truck’s balance, leading to rollovers and other severe accidents on the roads. Because large commercial trucks spend most of their time on the highways where speed limits are higher, these accidents typically occur at high speeds. These factors only serve to amplify the damages caused by an accident.

Personal injuries are common in oversized loads truck accidents. Even accidents that occur at lower speeds have the potential to cause life-altering injuries for those involved. Some common injuries sustained in truck accidents include:

If you were part of an accident with a large truck, you should seek medical attention as some injuries, such as mild concussions, may not be apparent right away. Many people make the mistake of thinking they are fine after an accident, only to discover symptoms days or weeks later. Seeing a doctor right away can prevent undetected injuries from worsening.

Of course, many severe injuries require both urgent and continuous medical attention. Treatment methods for a traumatic brain injury range from intense physical therapy, to prescription medications and surgeries. The medical bills from these treatments and others add up fast. A skilled lawyer in Tampa who focuses on truck accidents with oversized loads will account for these costs when seeking a settlement on your behalf.

Damage inflicted in truck accidents often extends beyond bodily injury. The psychological trauma from an accident hangs around long after an accident occurs. Victims may require years of therapy and counseling to deal with the mental and emotional impact of an accident. Legal teams will also consider these types of intangible damages as they seek to recover any forms of compensation that you may be entitled to following an accident.

Learn How a Tampa Oversized Loads Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You During a Free Consultation Today

Oversized loads truck accidents are challenging to deal with. When you sustain injuries and psychological trauma, the process of ironing out legal and financial details becomes that much more complicated. An oversized loads truck accident lawyer in the Tampa area from Distasio Law Firm will put their experience to work on your behalf. Our team will gather evidence, establish liable parties, and communicate with them to seek a settlement and any other forms of compensation that you may be entitled to. To learn more about your legal options, contact us today.

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