While any roadway incident has the potential to manifest in serious injuries and damages, children are among the most prone to severe and even deadly outcomes in these situations. Children remain in the early stages of their development on the journey to adulthood, so by default, they can be most prone to catastrophic consequences when a car accident ensues.

If your child was recently injured in an auto accident, you might be considering whether you have legal recourse. Child injuries in Largo car accidents are far too common, and the source of these injuries often goes back to someone’s negligence. A qualified car crash attorney at Distasio Law Firm could help you seek justice when another person’s negligence causes your child to suffer serious damages.

Common Child Injuries from Largo Car Wrecks

The vehicle’s velocity and area of impact can significantly affect the severity and longevity of child injuries stemming from an auto accident in Largo. Still, the relatively small size of a child and their vulnerability in the event of a crash can result in devastating injuries. Common child injuries from traffic collisions include:

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A lengthy or incomplete recovery is possible when an adult suffers these injuries. In the case of a child, however, the likelihood of long-lasting physical ramifications and even ensuing disability tends to be exponentially higher. Injuries of this nature may incur significant medical bills at the outset and ongoing medical costs that can continue for years, if not for the rest of your child’s life.

Seeking Financial Recovery for Child Auto Accident Injuries

If one or more parties’ negligence was to blame for the Largo car crash that caused your child’s injuries, you might be assessing your best legal options. To prove that another driver’s negligence caused your child’s injuries, you must prove four elements: Duty, breach, causation, and damages.

Should the driver have failed to operate their vehicle with reasonable care, which caused the accident that injured your child, and your child’s injuries resulted in damages for which they can recover compensation, the driver may be legally liable if you file a claim for damages on your child’s behalf. Note that Florida law requires the existence of serious injuries to go outside its no-fault system. Otherwise, the law requires injured parties to turn to their insurance policy even if someone else was at fault for the underlying accident.

A knowledgeable attorney like Scott Distasio could advise whether your potential case meets the requirements to file a personal injury claim for your child. Recoverable compensation through a civil lawsuit could include past and future medical expenses, future lost earning capabilities, pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

Call a Largo Car Accident Attorney to Discuss Your Child Injury Case

When your family is dealing with the aftermath of child injuries in a Largo car accident, understand that you do not need to face the legal system alone. Consider speaking with an experienced lawyer at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure you understand your legal rights and all avenues for financial recovery that the legal system may afford to you.

A attorney at Distasio Law Firm could answer your questions and ensure you understand all of your legal options. Call now to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our dedicated legal professionals.


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